In5 Dubai Tech Startup MyGlocal FZ-LLC COO Aleksei Dolgikh meeting with George Novik CEO Founders exchange.

George Novik a founder at matches companies with vetted no-code developers instantly for one fixed monthly fee. I founded &personally closed $1 million in SaaS sales &helped over 20 founders develop an MVP in his last startup.

Aleksei Dolgikh GIF Zerocodercom No Code in 2023

With intense competition for customers’ attention, no-code creates a space for new web constructor platforms that significantly speed up the process. Such services as Bubble, AirTable, Webflow, Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, Tilda, Wix, and many others start to dominate the market and change our traditional perception of web development.

Those no-code platforms make web development 10x times easier and faster. They present fluid ecosystems where you can create functional applications. A casual user can simply drag and drop elements, use pre-made templates and layouts, implement plugins from the catalog, and design the product however they want. With no-code platforms, you can make connections to external services with APIs.

In other words, no-code can do almost everything that full-code can, and all development tasks can be done in one place, without any other external sources. With time the platforms will evolve even more, and the development market will expand in no-code dimension. Companies will prefer quick and efficient solutions made on no-code basis rather than complex and time-consuming coding.

Meeting at in5 Dubai

Aleksei Dolgikh with George Novik at in5 Dubai UAE 🇦🇪 Accelerator On the MacBook 💻 screen two Websites <a rel=noreferrer noopener href=httpsglocal data type=URL data id=httpsglocal target= blank>Glocal<a> and <a rel=noreferrer noopener href=httpzerocodercom target= blank>Zerocodercom<a>

I told George the story of our in5 Dubai lending and of course the story of in5 Dubai The Ecosystem with 500+ Start-ups and 100+ Mentors & Investors plus 400+ Events & Workshops and of course AED 1.4 Billion Funding Raised.

In5 Dubai is a vibrant and dynamic hub for entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world. It is the first of its kind in the Middle East, and a testament to the region’s commitment to becoming a global leader in innovation and business. In5 Dubai provides a comprehensive ecosystem for start-ups and entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses and make their dreams a reality.

In5 Dubai also provides access to capital, with over AED 1.4 billion of funding raised. In5 Dubai is committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed through its comprehensive curriculum, which includes workshops on topics such as business planning, marketing, and financial management.

Mentors and investors are also available to provide guidance and advice on how to effectively grow a business. Moreover, In5 Dubai hosts various events and workshops to connect entrepreneurs with potential investors, as well as to build relationships between start-ups and potential partners. In addition, In5 Dubai provides access to a wide range of resources and services.

These include access to legal and financial advice, as well as mentorship programs, business incubators, and opportunities for networking. In5 Dubai also hosts hackath no-code development combiner for everyone!

Robert Herjavec surprises to know about Glocal
Build a Multi Language WebSite Easy With <a href=httpsglocal data type=URL data id=httpsglocal target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>Glocal<a>



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